Are you the best loser of XTERRA NETHERLANDS?

2 July 2019News

The best loser? You want to win anyway? Do not lose. Yet? Our nutrition partner helps you to perform better with the right food. They made a useful video for triathletes. Take advantage of it. During the XTERRA NETHERLANDS we as an organisation offer their top beverage: Iso drink.

Their sports nutritionist Henk-Jan Koershuis will not only help you perform better on the basis of sports nutrition. He also helps you to get the most out of your XTERRA NETHERLANDS and to stay a fit athlete for a lifetime. There is still a world to be won in this area. You can exercise what you want and use good sports nutrition: But if your basic diet is not in order, you have to ask yourself if you don’t have to pay attention to it either. That doesn’t just have anything to do with being slim. Being slim doesn’t mean to be healthy by definition. Being slim doesn’t mean to be healthy by definition.

Besides good quality sports nutrition, Henk-Jan Koershuis speaks about doing Golden Groceries. On this subject he is one of the most requested speakers in the Netherlands. We are proud to collaborate with and also to be able to make use of their Lifestyle program The Best Loser. As an organisation of the XTERRA NETHERLANDS, we do everything we can to organise a top event for our athletes. The knowledge and products of and The Best Loser contributes very much to this.

Henk-Jan Koershuis wrote The Book of 2019: The Best Loser, a Golden Message. It immediately became a hit. Meanwhile, the book of The Best Loser is a bestseller. Maximum performance during the XTERRA NETHERLANDS? Read the book and article below.

  1. Choose the Book of 2019, The Best Loser a Golden Message.
  2. Read the article and watch the video about sports nutrition; A good preparation for your XTERRA NETHERLANDS.