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XTERRA NETHERLANDS supports War Child – children are stronger than war

30 December 2018

Children stronger than war? Absolutely. Children are resilient-that sees War Child every day. Fortunately though. Because of war, that is asking quite a bit of children. They have lost a grandmother, a parent or best boyfriend. Memories of violence are persistent, making it difficult to trust people. Like concentrating. or fall asleep.

There have never been so many children growing up in war. Worldwide 1 in 6. These children struggle daily with the consequences of war and violence. Yet no child should be part of war. Ever. War Child supports these children to cope with the horrors they face every day – and helps to foster the power of friendship. War Child works on the resilience of children, by using among other things music, sports and play activities.

XTERRA believes in this force and therefore supports War Child. They give children the opportunity to process their terrible experiences. To learn in a peaceful environment and build a better future – both for themselves and their communities.

Support this great cause! and help children who are in a war. Support War Child by:

XTERRA NETHERLANDS challenges you to participate with sponsoring. Because with your sponsor money, War Child can help even more children in war. Create a Personal action page and get a unique War Child T-Shirt.

Are you already registered and would you like to contribute? Check out the XTERRA NETHERLANDS action page on the War Child website.