Race information XTERRA Junior

Start series

The Rabobank XTERRA JUNIOR will be held on Sunday 15 September 2019 and will have the following components:

CategoryBornSwimmingMountain bikingRunning
XS - Boys/ Girls 082010-201175 m. (3 laps)5 km.1.25 km.
XS - Boys/ Girls 102008-200975 m. (3 laps)5 km.1.25 km.
S - Boys/ Girls 122006-2007125 m. (5 laps)10 km.2.5 km.
S - Boys/ Girls 142004-2005125 m. (5 laps)10 km.2.5 km.


The start is at Recreatiepark Klein Vaarwater in Buren. There is swimming race. The start is from 10:00am. All participants must be present in the swimming pool 15 minutes before the start of their start series at the designated locations. The participation packages with race number, driver number, swimming cap and transponder for all participants are ready at the secretariat. On Saturday at Westcord Hotel Noordsee and on Sundays at Klein Vaarwater.

Start numbers

Thenumber must be worn on the front.

All participants will also receive a corresponding driver number which can be attached to the steering wheel with straps included.


The boat ticket for passenger transport and mountain bike transport will be sent on September 5 to the address given for participants who registered before 1 September 2019, with the exception of participants with an address on Ameland.

START order

The order of the start series of the Rabobank XTERRA JUNIOR with times and the layout of the swimming pool will be announced on 5 September 2019.

Race briefing

The race briefing is at 09.30 in the party room of Klein Vaarwater, where the clothes can also be put on the numbered chairs.

Everyone must then be present.

Change clothes

Before the event, the children can change clothes in the party room next to the swimming pool. When the children come out of the pool, they have to walk to their clothes via the indicated route. There they can then continue dressing and preparing for the bicycle part. As a true triathlete you can just keep your swimsuit on, you pull your bike / running gear over this, that saves a lot of work. The clothing can also be placed on the bike but this may not hinder other participants.

NB If there are children who change shoes after cycling, make sure that the running shoes are in Nes on the Moliere grounds! You have to take care of this yourself.

Parents are not allowed to enter the transition zone. Follow the instructions of the volunteers.


By bike, the children will cycle on paved and unpaved roads through the Vleijen Nes.

  • The XS cycle directly to Nes.
  • The S series cycle after swimming first the famous round via the Bure Blinkert. When they are almost at Klein Vaarwater again, the S goes via the Vleijen to Nes. This series also has one big lap.


The route is indicated by yellow route signs.


In the competition briefing, the layout of the start series is announced and in which order and in which job it is started. This layout can be viewed on the website in advance. The children are in a job with a number. So also take each other into account. Try to swim as much as possible in succession, so keep both on the way back and on the right (you swim like a sort of ’round’ in your job). Swimming on the back (back stroke) is forbidden! You can bother other children with this. The Junior S participants must be in the pool at 09.55 XS participants must be present in the pool at 10:10 and can wait at the children’s pool until the other start series are finished.

View the map Klein Vaarwater (PDF)


Everyone is obliged to wear a bicycle helmet during the race. The helmet can be placed in the clothing or on the bike. The bike must be placed before the start in the transition zone (change zone) at the indicated numbered places. Remember where you put your bike, and check your driver’s number on departure so that you do not take another person’s  bicycle. The places are not numbered in the transition zone on the Molen site at the finish (follow the instructions of the supervisors). If you do not have a good or reliable bike yourself, you can borrow one for free at Fietsverhuur Metz. Register for this by email, Casper van de Kamp, info@xterra-netherlands.nl including your height. Note that these are 3-speed rental bikes and no racing bikes. On the competition day, or the day before, you can pick up your bike at bike rental Metz (strandweg 37, Buren Ameland). This is near Klein Vaarwater (± 400m.). The bicycle must also be returned there. The transition zone 1 where the bikes are located is at the rear of Klein Vaarwater. Remember where you put your own bike.


The participants of the XS run 1 lap of 1.25 km. The participants of the NK and S run 1 round of 2.5 km. The first part of the running round is the same for XS and S. In the Vleyen there is a split; S turn right and XS turn left. This is indicated with a sign and here the children also have to think for themselves. Later both routes come together again.


Like all athletes participating in the Open Amelands Cross Triathlon Championship, the XTERRA NETHERLANDS Junior will also finish at the mill site on the Molenweg in Nes.

View the location map XTERRA NETHERLANDS

For the parents

Of course you want to help and support your child as much as possible in this wonderful competition.

In the party room, you can also help your child dress up, but be careful not to hurt other children! Follow the instructions of the volunteers.

You are not allowed to enter the switch zone

After swimming you want to go to the finish area as quickly as possible, but in order to make everything as safe and fair as possible, we ask you NOT to ride with your child.

  • If you do so, your child will be disqualified!

Take the Noordwal to Nes. You will be on time to see your child again from cycling to walking.

Swimwear can be taken immediately. If you do not think about it in all haste, the party room of Klein Vaarwater will remain open all afternoon and evening.

View the location map XTERRA NETHERLANDS

Time registration

For the registration of the swimming, cycling and running times, use is made of ChampionChip from Mylaps. Every participant is obliged to see a transponder (lightweight chip) visible on the ankle.

When registering you must indicate whether you are using your own (yellow) ChampionChip or if you want to rent a Chip. The costs are € 1.50.


It is possible to use an MTB from Fietsverhuur Metz during the XTERRA NETHERLANDS Junior. Send an email to info@xterra-netherlands.nl stating name, age and length.

The MTBs have to be picked up and returned at Bike Rental Metz in Buren.


Preparations are organized in collaboration with the schools in Ameland. This is a wonderful addition to the sports offer on Ameland and an incentive for children to discover and develop their talents in endurance sports. Of course you can also train if you are not at a school on Ameland.

Download all information with times, locations and form to give you (PDF)

Lokation map

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